Trust Mother Nature Magnesium Salve 2oz

Trust Mother Nature Magnesium Salve 2oz

Trust Mother Nature Magnesium Salve 2oz

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Our Magnesium Chloride is certified and in crystal form, it has been lab tested for purity.

MagNificent Magnesium Salve with Arnica is a most precious salve with pure magnesium chloride, healing butters and oils along with pure therapeutic essential oils and Arnica! Made in very small batches!
Use it for aches, pains, strains, sprains, sore muscles, blemishes, cold sores and just about whatever you can think of-- except open areas-it will sting like crazy!

A little about Magnesium OIl (which is the base that MagNifcent Magnesium Salve is made from):
Using Magnesium Oil transdermally (through the skin) allows our cells to rejuvenate quickly and efficiently by our skins quick absorption!
95-98% of the magnesium will penetrate our cells and begin doing it's job as opposed to only 25-28% when taking an oral supplement!
Due to the small percentage of oral absorption you would need 4-350mg. tablets to provide what 20 sprays of magnesium oil accomplish--WITHOUT the Digestive Disturbances that oral magnesium can cause!
Magnesium Oil is not an "oil", but is actually a small crystalline form of Magnesium Chloride added at a specific percentage to a pure distilled water base. When mixed to proper proportions this should feel almost like a gentle "oil" on your skin.

Magnesium Salve is a highly concentrated salve that is easily used for smaller areas such as the back of the neck for headaches, blemishes, cold sores, bruises, insect bites or just apply on your feet at bedtime for a restful sleep for you or baby!
Also, Great as a deodorant, anti bacterial, and for athletes feet! Use 3-4 times a day as needed.

Other uses:
*Pain, leg cramps, Charlie horses, muscle spasms, sleeplessness, nausea and a host of other ailments can benefit by the use of Magnesium Chloride! Just apply the salve and rub in to receive the full benefit of all the healthy ingredients our salves contain!
When first beginning your magnesium salve use please note that in extreme cases of Magnesium Deficiencies you may notice some skin irritations, itchiness, stinging, or rashes occur temporarily. In this case, rinse off and begin by applying just to the bottoms of your feet to increase your magnesium levels slowly.
Our Magnesium Oil and Salve is made in the Okanagan of BC Canada in very small batches! Our Magnesium Chloride ranges from 98.7-99 % pure (with the remaining balance as a combination of healthy elemental minerals) made from CERTIFIED magnesium chloride drawn from the 250 Million year old ancient seabed of the Zechstein sea in Germany.
Drilled over 2 miles deep, this magnesium chloride comes out pure and unadulterated, providing you with the purest form of magnesium available!

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