Sisu U-Cubes Vitamin C 90 Gummies

SISU SKU: 2670
Sisu U-Cubes Vitamin C 90 Gummies

Sisu U-Cubes Vitamin C 90 Gummies

SISU SKU: 2670
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Playdates are fun and the classroom is a great learning environment, but they
are also a meeting place for germs, bacteria, and viruses. A robust immune
system will help protect kids and build stronger resistance to infections.
Adding a vitamin C supplement, an immune health champion, is an easy way to
complement a balanced diet and help ensure optimal levels of this important
nutrient for your children.
Sisu U-Cubes™ Vitamin C gummies are specially crafted for children as a daily
supplement and a delicious treat. Unlike other gummies, they are pectin based,
made with all-natural flavours, sweeteners, and colours, and contain no animal
gelatin or high-fructose corn syrup. Kids will love the great taste and texture,
and parents will love providing them with a key nutrient for growing bones, and a
strong immune system.
Product Highlights
• Pectin-based gummies – no animal gelatin
• Naturally sweetened with organic beet sugar and organic glucose syrup
• Two delicious natural flavours in each bottle: orange and strawberry
• Pure, natural colours from vegetable sources
• No high–fructose corn syrup
• Frosted with organic beet sugar crystals
• Only 1.3 grams of sugar and 7 calories in each gummy

Medicinal ingredient:
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 125 mg
Non-medicinal ingredients: pectin, organic beet sugar, organic
glucose syrup, black currant fruit juice concentrate, carrot juice,
natural fruit flavour, paprika, sodium citrate.
Contains no dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, artificial flavours, artificial
colours, or artificial preservatives. Suitable for a vegan diet.
Dosage: Children (3-4years): 1 gummy once per day.
Children (5-8 years): 2 gummies once per day.
Adolescents (9-13 years): 4 gummies once per day.
Keep at room temperature in an airtight container away from
direct sunlight. Do not use if seal under cap is broken

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