Locally Owned & Operated

We at Anna's Vitamins Plus takes pride in offering you not only the best in Natural Vitamins and Supplements, but also a wide array of Local Products.


We are proud to support and offer many Canadian Vitamin and Supplement Companies to ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality possible!  We choose to support Local Echinacea Farmers in the Okanagan, which is why many of our Cold/Flu supplements contain Echinacea that has been Grown Locally within the Okanagan


Within our grocery section we are also supporting Local Farmers by offering many of there local items such as Free Run Eggs,  Unpasteurized Honey, Locally Grown Organic Grains, and Fruit Juices.


In amongst our ever growing Health and Beauty Section you will find over 120 Locally Hand-Crafted Natural Products.













Daina, is a Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner,has owned and operated  Anna's Vitamins Plus for the last 14 years, and also has her own Health Consulting Company.


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